3D Origin, formerly O.b Designs, has developed from Ouroboros888, an artist on Turbosquid.

We specialise in 3D modelling. We have been in the industry for 5 years and have been designing and creating 3D models for our clients. 

Our logo contains an interpretation of the symbol of the Ouroboros. This symbol is an inspiration to us; we believe in constantly bettering ourselves, creating and 

re-creating forms and ideas.

Feel free to browse through the site. Do get in touch should you have any enquiries. 


Above is the 3D Model and Tutorial I created for issue 209 (July 2016) of 3D World Magazine

Image description

The above shows screen shots from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival intro video, in which our Darth Vader helmet was featured.

Image description

The above is a 3D render created using 3ds Max and finished in Photoshop. 

It was selected to appear in the readers Gallery of 3D Artist Magazine Issue 81.